Biashara Rehab

BIASHARA REHAB is our flagship Project under this Pillar. “Biashara” is a Swahili word meaning “Business” while “Rehab” is the abbreviation for “Rehabilitation” which means “to restore to a healthy state or to make fit”. The Project was officially launched in August 2016 to promote the sustainability of Kenyan businesses in the start-up phase. The program aims to promote an entrepreneurial culture by enabling successful transition from academics to entrepreneurship. In this way, we enable job  creation. To date, more than 120 entrepreneurs have registered and 79 entrepreneurs haven take part in the Biashara Rehab sessions. So far, we have hosted 3 Biashara Rehab rounds in Nairobi County and 1 in Nyeri County in partnership with various organizations. For more information about Biashara Rehab and how to be involved please send as an email

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