Shaping my City’s Future

Shaping my City’s Future

In 2017, Nairobi Hub submitted a proposal for the World Economic Forum’s “Shaping my City’s Future” challenge with a proposal to develop a crowdsourcing online platform to enable public transport passengers to rank service providers based on their observation of public safety, security and service standards as an incentive to improve public transport systems in Nairobi. The Proposal was selected for showcasing at the Global Shapers Community Annual Meeting.

World Bank Group Smart Solutions Case Challenge 2019: Nairobi Hub submitted a pitch advancing the online crowdsourcing solution to the public transport menace in Nairobi as proposed to WEF’s “Shaping my City’s Future” challenge. Global Shapers Loice Erambo & Mwende Mwololo were invited to attend the World Bank Group Youth Summit on Smarter Cities for a Resilient Future in Washington D.C.

The Global Shapers Community is a global network of over 400 city-based hubs including Nairobi Hub, Kisumu Hub and the first Hub located in a refugee camp, Kakuma Hub, all located in Kenya

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