Our Pillars

Our Pillars
Shaping the Future of Africa

Our Hub Pillars

Nairobi Hub is a non-profit youth-led organization of highly driven and passionate young leaders committed to community and social advancement in 4 core areas in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We work to equip students with market-relevant skills in order to prepare Kenya’s youth for future work demands. We catalyze innovation by supporting the mainstreaming alternative forms of education.

We empower entrepreneurs to grow, innovate and impact society. We provide mentorship & capacity building to promote the sustainability of growing businesses. Through our networks, we plug entrepreneurs into an enriching support network.

Together with Kakuma Hub, we are advocating for the rights of refugees in Kenya. We are championing for policies enabling the socio-economic integration of refugees.

We work to combat climate change and engage communities in environmental conservation efforts. We are also working to make Nairobi an inclusive and sustainable City

Our Partners

The Global Shapers Community is a global network of over 400 city-based hubs including Nairobi Hub, Kisumu Hub and the first Hub located in a refugee camp, Kakuma Hub, all located in Kenya

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