Shape Africa 2019

Shape Africa 2019

01  Shape Africa

Shape Africa is a continental annual event in the Global Shapers Community calendar bringing together Global Shapers from around Africa and the world to a major city in Africa to discuss topics and pursue solutions that concern the youth on the African continent.
Shape Africa is one of the annual continental events of the Community alongside Shape Latin America, Shape North America, Shape Asia, Shape Asia Pacific, Shape Middle East & North America (MENA) and Shape Europe & Eurasia.

02  Shape Africa 2019

Shape Africa 2019 brought together the government, development partners, industry players and 150 youth from 36 countries and 42 cities from around the globe to deliberate on how to harness the abilities of the youth in order to realize the political, economic and social transformation of the African continent. These young people said, HERE WE ARE AS PART OF THE SOLUTION!

03  Remarks Chief Guest

The Government of Kenya, therefore, commits to continuing its path of education reforms to address the need for life-long learning and re-skilling initiatives that ensure our young people remain competitive and that our industry and businesses have the possibility of accessing the best talent that is required for the jobs of the future.

The culture of ‘open’ has now become a necessity on how industries are operated and how governments deliver policies and public services. The fourth industrial revolution, therefore, demands a new leadership paradigm that is responsible and responsive in order to be able to respond to the scale, complexity, and urgency of today’s challenges.

Shaping the Future of Africa

Shape Africa 2019

To our esteemed Partners, an old African adage says “if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together”. It is not lost on us that we would not have achieved half what we achieved during Shape Africa 2019 without your support and guidance. With your assistance, we were able inspire 150 young people present and other attendees to take action in whatever small capacity to realize a transformed and inclusive Africa. This is only the beginning of a long journey with you. Nairobi Hub thanks you and appreciates your support.

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