Powering Education

POWERING EDUCATION: Nairobi Hub partnered with Enel Foundation and Givewatts to provide 300 solar lamps to 12 rural communities in the Amboseli region. By replacing dangerous, expensive and heavily polluting kerosene lamps with solar lamps, the Project enabled children to study longer with documented improvement in school performance and the families avoided costs spent on kerosene refills. The solar lamps also became an income-generating tool for the students’ families since they had mobile charging facilities that could be offered at a cost to other community members. An additional benefit was that the solar lamps eliminated health risks associated with deadly emissions from Kerosene lamps. The Project was funded by a grant of $18,900 courtesy of the Abraaj Group Growth Markets Grant challenge. Nairobi Hub was one of the nine global Hubs to receive the Grant More information on the Project can be found here, www.poweringimpact.org

The Global Shapers Community is a global network of over 400 city-based hubs including Nairobi Hub, Kisumu Hub and the first Hub located in a refugee camp, Kakuma Hub, all located in Kenya

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